Hämeenlinna business opportunities

Hämeenlinna is the right place for your company, if you are looking to locate in a well-connected growth centre.

Facts about Finland

The fund for peace (ffp) ranked Finland the most stable country in the world for the second consecutive year in 2016.

The most popular sectors for investments – information and communications technology, Business services, Healthcare and wellbeing, Retail trade, Environmental technology

Foreign companies are welcome to Finland and the process of establishing a business is quick and easy. The incorporation process usually takes about 2-3 weeks.

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Total area 338,435 km² -of which 90 % land and 10 % internal waters. Of the land area 77 % is forest and other woodland and 9 % agricultural land.
Natural resources forest, copper, iron ore, other minerals, fresh water
Distances 1,160 km from north to south 540 km from west to east
Population 5,5 million
Population density 17,9 inhabitants per km²
Languages 89 Finnish, 5 % Swedish, 6 % Others
Religious communities Lutheran 75 %, Orthodox 1 %, No religious affiliation 22 %
Currency €uro Finland joined the EU in 1995

10 reasons to choose Hämeenlinna

We proudly present 10 reasons why Hämeenlinna is the best city for your company.

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1. The best location in southern Finland

The demographic centre point of Finland (weber point) is located in Hämeenlinna. Hämeenlinna can be reached in two hours by ¾ of Finns. It is located on the only Finnish Growth Corridor* that meets the European standards. This means a lower location risk, among other things. Locating yourself and/or your business in Hämeenlinna also decreases transportation costs. The city has good traffic connections. The major airports of Tampere and Helsinki, as well as the Port of Helsinki, are only an hour’s drive away.

* Growth Corridor Finland stretches from Helsinki to Tampere region as a string of cities. It forms the forefront basis of national competitiveness; more than 50 % of Finland’s GDP is produced in this area. Growth Corridor Finland is the biggest pool of workforce in Finland with more than 301 000 daily commuters.

2. Significant future investments

The sum of investments in Hämeenlinna will be approximately 800 million between 2015 -2030. This includes planned construction projects and regional development.

3. Shovel-ready vacant plots are waiting

Hämeenlinna has 15 different business districts, each with a specific profile. All plots are located within a 10-45 min drive from the city centre. The plot prices are merely a fraction of the Greater Helsinki Region’s rates. The ground quality is excellent for construction. We guarantee that we find suitable solution for you.

4. Skilled persons and versatile education supply

The city provides active co-operation opportunities in the fields of recruiting skilled personnel and developing competencies. Hämeenlinna is home to the Häme University of Applied Sciences, the Tavastia Education Consortium, and the Dairy Production programme of the Häme Vocational Institute. There are approximately 4,000 students living in the city and about 2,500 new graduates every year. We are constantly surveying local companies’ training and education needs, and tailored training and other solutions can be arranged even at short notice. Labour costs are lower than in the Greater Helsinki Region, for example, and the availability and retention of personnel is guaranteed. Hämeenlinna is nearly 100-% self-sufficient in workplaces.

5. Hämeenlinna is in seventh place (19) of the province ranking in population growth

6. “Human size” environment

The safe and beautiful environment and the uncongested traffic make living easier and more enjoyable. Hämeenlinna has been described as a “ten-minute city”: your home, workplace, amenities, hobbies and transport stations can all be accessed in ten minutes. It can also be described as a green city with abundant parks, and the element of water is also a strong feature with Lake Vanajavesi. The city offers a wide range of leisure time activities, with 150 sports clubs representing 60–70 different sports. Hämeenlinna-based teams are playing at the top national level in ice hockey and volleyball. In addition, local junior training in football (soccer) has been rewarded with European-level recognition.

7. Rich culture and event supply

Hämeenlinna is the oldest inland city in Finland. Its history dates back to the Middle Ages, when the castle located in Linnanniemi was built. The city has a wide range of cultural offerings. Verkatehdas Arts & Congress Centre is the venue of choice for many operators in the fields of culture and arts. The Centre hosts numerous music concerts, exhibitions, conferences and other such events every year. The completion of the 9.5-hectare Kantola Event Park, which is suitable for various events, has made Hämeenlinna one of the major event venues in Finland. The AC/DC concert held in summer 2015 brought 55,000 visitors from around the world to Hämeenlinna.

8. Carefully considered infrastructure

Hämeenlinna has several traditional business districts with existing infrastructure solutions. Town planning is always carried out under a comprehensive approach, taking various needs into consideration.

9. Strong community support

Hämeenlinna welcomes all businesses! We have developed a well-functioning co-operation model to make relocation as easy as possible and to help you to establish beneficial contacts. We can make quick decisions and we have a tried-and-tested, seamless process extending from the moment we receive an assignment to the actual relocation.

10. Easy One-stop-shopping service

We provide businesses with comprehensive, premium relocation services that meet their needs regarding the relocation of all or some of their operations to Hämeenlinna, the establishment of a new unit, acquisition of a local company, or other such arrangements.

Invest in Hämeenlinna

Interested in starting a business in Finland in a well-connected growth centre? Or are you looking for a business partners? Answer is Hämeelinna

We offer you

Easy One-stop-shopping service
Easy project management by one contact person!
Shovel-ready plants with fluent communications

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Every business has individual relocation service needs. Our service helps you get started in Hämeenlinna faster, with lower risks and more successfully.

We gather detailed research data and statistics for your company. We help you find new business opportunities, customers or partners, and analyse the competition. We can also support you in exploring different financing options.

We find premises that suit your company’s needs or acquire information about town planning processes and land use issues from the public authorities. If required, we can act as a property development specialist with regard to new construction and renovation projects. We prepare renovation plans with cost estimates or price evaluations of purchasing targets. We have active relationships with a group of investors, and we will find a suitable investor from this group or assume that role ourselves. We are pleased to assure you that the prices of land and premises are competitive.

We will seek various subcontractors for you to partner with. We can also help you to identify different development projects, integrate into the existing business network and make essential contacts.

In addition to all this, we offer so-called soft landing services to help your family or your employees find good homes, schools, child daycare arrangements, hobbies – or even friends.

All of our relocation services are completely free of charge. We will assign you a designated contact person who handles all contacts with stakeholders and partners. Our services are based on years of experience and solid knowledge of the region and its markets. We are an impartial, trusted partner for your company!

The business profile of Hämeenlinna

Strong metal industry (e.g. Häme University of Applied Science’s Sheet Metal Centre)
Growing food manufacturing sector
Versitile manufacturing companies
Military manufacturing
Special vehicle industry
Testing centers: Metal , biological development in agriculture, dairy and meat industries
Value and supply chain management processes, with necessary training

If any questions, please contact us!

Ari Räsänen
Linna Business Development Ltd.
Director, Invest In Services
Phone +358 40 866 7501

Hämeenlinna is a city of events and tourism. Good facilities and great spirit!


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Hämeenlinna is becoming the most attractive city to host events in southern Finland. The inauguration of the 9.5-hectare Kantola Event Park in summer 2015 gave a big boost to the city’s event offering. The superior location in relation to the biggest Finnish growth centres and excellent traffic connections give Hämeenlinna a significant competitive edge as an event location.

We provide event organisers with unique support when they are planning an event in Hämeenlinna. We help them establish all essential contacts, from permit services to emergency rescue authorities. We know the local venues and help each organiser find the perfect one for the event in question in terms of size, location and infrastructure. We can help in the application process for major events, supporting the applicant and providing expert assistance.

Tourism has always been an important industry in Hämeenlinna, and significant investments have been made in its development. The medieval Häme Castle has stood in its place, overlooking Lake Vanajavesi, for nearly 800 years. The castle has always been and will always be the city’s most famous landmark. Another attractive destination is Aulanko, a hub of well-being services and active holiday-making, including a spa and various sports and outdoor activities. The Verkatehdas Arts & Congress Centre, in turn, serves those who are looking for concerts, theatre, and art exhibitions. We will be happy to show our beautiful city and its diverse offerings to visitor delegations!

Our tourism and housing marketing and development activities are organised under the visitHämeenlinna brand. Read more www.visithameenlinna.fi

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  • Kari Saarinen


    +358 (0)40 722 1712

Business Premises

Linnan Kehitys helps you implement and develop attractive physical environments. It is important for every company to find the optimal premises for its business – and we can offer them. If we cannot find any existing premises, we are ready to negotiate custom solutions.

We have active contacts with the entire property development field, including real estate investors, construction companies, designers, and other experts. We provide you with consultation and expert services to help find the most suitable operating environment for your business.


See our selected targets

Compliant with international standards, the remarkable Moreeni

+ 300 hectares
+ Over 1,000 jobs
+ Around 170,000 m2 of built premises
+ Around 40 companies
+ Several new projects planned or in progress
+ Inexpensive construction on the even, hard moraine soil
+ Existing infrastructure: fibre connections from all Finnish operators, district heating, natural gas, and a modern recycling centre
+ Existing amenities: diner and café, meeting facilities.

One of the district’s key strengths is the co-operation between local operators. This co-operation is based on the idea that companies operating in the same district can collaborate in a variety of fields, enabling them to achieve better results with lower investments. This collaboration is not limited to supply chain activities carried out by companies following each other in the same value chain; significant benefits can be gained from co-operation between parallel industries or even competing companies. Join the community!

Innopark – home to over 100 companies and workplace to 1,000 people

Innopark is there for its customer companies. We make sure that the companies have the best location and the best support functions for their business. Good business premises must adjust to the company’s specific needs, and it is our job to know the needs of our customer companies. Innopark provides even small companies with HQ-standard facilities and services.

In order to concentrate fully on their core competencies, companies must decide how they are to handle such services as cleaning, telephone switchboard, meeting facilities and catering. Innopark’s facility services cover all services related to premises, business support, community activities and facility maintenance. Our operating model provides companies with excellent opportunities to establish networks and utilise their expertise. Innopark is a community in which companies representing different industries can benefit from synergies and serve each other.

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  • Ari Räsänen

    Johtaja, sijoittumispalvelut

    +358 (0)40 866 7501

  • Pia Sipilä


    +358 (0)40 869 6460

Linna Business Development Ltd: Company & Contact

100% owned by City of Hämeenlinna

Our main objectives as:
- We increase the attractiveness of the region
- Search for new investors
- Increase of the business dynamics in the region
- Develop new business opportunities
- We help new businesses to establish their operations in the region
- Search for financial solutions for our customers

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Linnan Kehitys promotes the public recognition and economic growth of Hämeenlinna. We actively search for new growth opportunities for the city and local businesses. We are looking for companies that could move their business to Hämeenlinna and facilitate their relocation and investments with efficient relocation services. We develop the business of local companies and provide them with good physical operating environments by means of area and property development and facility provision. We also contribute to the attractiveness of the city among companies, residents and tourists by implementing marketing strategies and promoting the city and its connections to congress and event organisers.

We are strongly involved in all significant industry projects and the related development activities. We are the voice of companies to the city administration, and we convey their messages to local decision-makers. Similarly, we communicate the authorities’ decisions and their consequences to our customer companies and those considering relocation.

Our services are free of charge!

Examples of our ongoing area development projects:

University Campus: development site, video
Asemanranta: Development site homes and amenities
Engelinranta: Central development, video
Iittala Well-being Centre: a well-being centre for people of all ages. Senior housing, public premises, restaurant, healthcare centre, library and leisure facilities.

Hämeenlinna - Northern European steel construction excellence center

Hämeenlinna is the center of steel construction. We provide you with a high quality metal network that you can use to best support your business: subcontracting, testing, product development, production, skilled staff, sheet metal technology. Our relocation service operates under the One-stop-shopping principle through one contact person.

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Hämeenlinna region in Finland is dedicated to become a world-class competence center of sheet metal technologies and sustainable, energy efficient steel construction solutions.

Steel Construction Excellence Center

Steel Construction Excellence Center (SCEC) is a dynamic collaboration platform for technical universities, regional colleges, companies and R&D institutes. It is a world-class competence center of sheet metal technologies and sustainable, energy efficient steel construction solutions.

  • Accelerates commercialization of top R&D
  • Enhances integration between small and large businesses, and creates new business
  • Provides highly skilled workers to enterprises
  • Connects the players in the field with other global innovation platforms and projects

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Sheet Metal Centre

Sheet Metal Centre offers high-class R&D and laboratory testing services in the fields of

  • Sheet metal forming and joining
  • Test loading and analysis: behaviour and load-bearing capacity of full-scale structures and structural parts
  • Weathering testing and expert services on issues related to material technology and long-term durability of different materials
  • Manufacturing technologies
  • Energy efficiency

Sheet Metal Centre has improved the competitiveness of businesses in the field of steel construction since 1988. It is one of the four research units at HAMK University of Applied Sciences.

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Companies that are already here

  • SSAB Highly-specialized global steel company. Hämeenlinna factory is part of SSAB Europe division.
  • PATRIA Provider of defence, security and aviaton life-cycle support services and technology solutions. Patria Land Systems Oy located in Hämeenlinna
  • SISUAXLES Specialized in heavy-duty truck axles, typically planetary reduction axles.
  • DAMSTAHL Sales office of Finland. Wholesale and storage of stainless steel.

Easy One-stop-shopping service

We provide businesses with comprehensive, premium relocation services that meet their needs regarding the relocation of all or some of their operations to Hämeenlinna, the establishment of a new unit, acquisition of a local company, or other such arrangements.

If any questions, please contact us!

Ari Räsänen
Director, relocation services
Tel. +358 40 866 7501
Email ari.rasanen@linnan.fi

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