Business Premises

Linnan Kehitys helps you implement and develop attractive physical environments. It is important for every company to find the optimal premises for its business – and we can offer them. If we cannot find any existing premises, we are ready to negotiate custom solutions.

We have active contacts with the entire property development field, including real estate investors, construction companies, designers, and other experts. We provide you with consultation and expert services to help find the most suitable operating environment for your business.


Compliant with international standards, the remarkable Moreeni

+ 300 hectares
+ Over 1,000 jobs
+ Around 170,000 m2 of built premises
+ Around 40 companies
+ Several new projects planned or in progress
+ Inexpensive construction on the even, hard moraine soil
+ Existing infrastructure: fibre connections from all Finnish operators, district heating, natural gas, and a modern recycling centre
+ Existing amenities: diner and café, meeting facilities.

One of the district’s key strengths is the co-operation between local operators. This co-operation is based on the idea that companies operating in the same district can collaborate in a variety of fields, enabling them to achieve better results with lower investments. This collaboration is not limited to supply chain activities carried out by companies following each other in the same value chain; significant benefits can be gained from co-operation between parallel industries or even competing companies. Join the community!

Innopark – home to over 100 companies and workplace to 1,000 people

Innopark is there for its customer companies. We make sure that the companies have the best location and the best support functions for their business. Good business premises must adjust to the company’s specific needs, and it is our job to know the needs of our customer companies. Innopark provides even small companies with HQ-standard facilities and services.

In order to concentrate fully on their core competencies, companies must decide how they are to handle such services as cleaning, telephone switchboard, meeting facilities and catering. Innopark’s facility services cover all services related to premises, business support, community activities and facility maintenance. Our operating model provides companies with excellent opportunities to establish networks and utilise their expertise. Innopark is a community in which companies representing different industries can benefit from synergies and serve each other.

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