Hämeenlinna is a city of events and tourism. Good facilities and great spirit!

Hämeenlinna is becoming the most attractive city to host events in southern Finland. The inauguration of the 9.5-hectare Kantola Event Park in summer 2015 gave a big boost to the city’s event offering. The superior location in relation to the biggest Finnish growth centres and excellent traffic connections give Hämeenlinna a significant competitive edge as an event location.

We provide event organisers with unique support when they are planning an event in Hämeenlinna. We help them establish all essential contacts, from permit services to emergency rescue authorities. We know the local venues and help each organiser find the perfect one for the event in question in terms of size, location and infrastructure. We can help in the application process for major events, supporting the applicant and providing expert assistance.

Tourism has always been an important industry in Hämeenlinna, and significant investments have been made in its development. The medieval Häme Castle has stood in its place, overlooking Lake Vanajavesi, for nearly 800 years. The castle has always been and will always be the city’s most famous landmark. Another attractive destination is Aulanko, a hub of well-being services and active holiday-making, including a spa and various sports and outdoor activities. The Verkatehdas Arts & Congress Centre, in turn, serves those who are looking for concerts, theatre, and art exhibitions. We will be happy to show our beautiful city and its diverse offerings to visitor delegations!

Our tourism and housing marketing and development activities are organised under the visitHämeenlinna brand. Read more www.visithameenlinna.fi

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