Invest in Hämeenlinna

Interested in starting a business in Finland in a well-connected growth centre? Or are you looking for a business partners? Answer is Hämeelinna

We offer you

Easy One-stop-shopping service
Easy project management by one contact person!
Shovel-ready plants with fluent communications

Every business has individual relocation service needs. Our service helps you get started in Hämeenlinna faster, with lower risks and more successfully.

We gather detailed research data and statistics for your company. We help you find new business opportunities, customers or partners, and analyse the competition. We can also support you in exploring different financing options.

We find premises that suit your company’s needs or acquire information about town planning processes and land use issues from the public authorities. If required, we can act as a property development specialist with regard to new construction and renovation projects. We prepare renovation plans with cost estimates or price evaluations of purchasing targets. We have active relationships with a group of investors, and we will find a suitable investor from this group or assume that role ourselves. We are pleased to assure you that the prices of land and premises are competitive.

We will seek various subcontractors for you to partner with. We can also help you to identify different development projects, integrate into the existing business network and make essential contacts.

In addition to all this, we offer so-called soft landing services to help your family or your employees find good homes, schools, child daycare arrangements, hobbies – or even friends.

All of our relocation services are completely free of charge. We will assign you a designated contact person who handles all contacts with stakeholders and partners. Our services are based on years of experience and solid knowledge of the region and its markets. We are an impartial, trusted partner for your company!

The business profile of Hämeenlinna

Strong metal industry (e.g. Häme University of Applied Science’s Sheet Metal Centre)
Growing food manufacturing sector
Versitile manufacturing companies
Military manufacturing
Special vehicle industry
Testing centers: Metal , biological development in agriculture, dairy and meat industries
Value and supply chain management processes, with necessary training

If any questions, please contact us!

Ari Räsänen
Linna Business Development Ltd.
Director, Invest In Services
Phone +358 40 866 7501

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