Linna Business Development Ltd: Company & Contact

100% owned by City of Hämeenlinna

Our main objectives as:
– We increase the attractiveness of the region
– Search for new investors
– Increase of the business dynamics in the region
– Develop new business opportunities
– We help new businesses to establish their operations in the region
– Search for financial solutions for our customers

Linnan Kehitys promotes the public recognition and economic growth of Hämeenlinna. We actively search for new growth opportunities for the city and local businesses. We are looking for companies that could move their business to Hämeenlinna and facilitate their relocation and investments with efficient relocation services. We develop the business of local companies and provide them with good physical operating environments by means of area and property development and facility provision. We also contribute to the attractiveness of the city among companies, residents and tourists by implementing marketing strategies and promoting the city and its connections to congress and event organisers.

We are strongly involved in all significant industry projects and the related development activities. We are the voice of companies to the city administration, and we convey their messages to local decision-makers. Similarly, we communicate the authorities’ decisions and their consequences to our customer companies and those considering relocation.

Our services are free of charge!

Examples of our ongoing area development projects:

University Campus: development site, video
Asemanranta: Development site homes and amenities
Engelinranta: Central development, video
Iittala Well-being Centre: a well-being centre for people of all ages. Senior housing, public premises, restaurant, healthcare centre, library and leisure facilities.

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