Hämeenlinna – Northern European steel construction excellence center

Hämeenlinna is the center of steel construction. We provide you with a high quality metal network that you can use to best support your business: subcontracting, testing, product development, production, skilled staff, sheet metal technology. Our relocation service operates under the One-stop-shopping principle through one contact person.

Hämeenlinna region in Finland is dedicated to become a world-class competence center of sheet metal technologies and sustainable, energy efficient steel construction solutions.

Steel Construction Excellence Center

Steel Construction Excellence Center (SCEC) is a dynamic collaboration platform for technical universities, regional colleges, companies and R&D institutes. It is a world-class competence center of sheet metal technologies and sustainable, energy efficient steel construction solutions.

  • Accelerates commercialization of top R&D
  • Enhances integration between small and large businesses, and creates new business
  • Provides highly skilled workers to enterprises
  • Connects the players in the field with other global innovation platforms and projects

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Sheet Metal Centre

Sheet Metal Centre offers high-class R&D and laboratory testing services in the fields of

  • Sheet metal forming and joining
  • Test loading and analysis: behaviour and load-bearing capacity of full-scale structures and structural parts
  • Weathering testing and expert services on issues related to material technology and long-term durability of different materials
  • Manufacturing technologies
  • Energy efficiency

Sheet Metal Centre has improved the competitiveness of businesses in the field of steel construction since 1988. It is one of the four research units at HAMK University of Applied Sciences.

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Companies that are already here

  • SSAB Highly-specialized global steel company. Hämeenlinna factory is part of SSAB Europe division.
  • PATRIA Provider of defence, security and aviaton life-cycle support services and technology solutions. Patria Land Systems Oy located in Hämeenlinna
  • SISUAXLES Specialized in heavy-duty truck axles, typically planetary reduction axles.
  • DAMSTAHL Sales office of Finland. Wholesale and storage of stainless steel.

Easy One-stop-shopping service

We provide businesses with comprehensive, premium relocation services that meet their needs regarding the relocation of all or some of their operations to Hämeenlinna, the establishment of a new unit, acquisition of a local company, or other such arrangements.

If any questions, please contact us!

Ari Räsänen
Director, relocation services
Tel. +358 40 866 7501
Email ari.rasanen@linnan.fi

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